Operations & Facility Management

Doing things right the first time is all well and good, but what about the second time, and the time after that? And what happens if the only person who knew how to do something right, leaves the organization?

How do you check someone into your resort? How do you handle complaints? What’s the emergency procedure when a guest or animal gets hurt? Protocols need to be developed and documented. Even things as mundane as routine maintenance.

Not everything is life and death. But some things are, and all things, big and small work together to inform the guest experience. Murru & Associates will work with your organization to document all vital processes and help to establish a culture of accountability.

The need for a strong and well-organized operation seems fundamental but we continue to be surprised at the lack of written policies at many facilities. Some areas where we have helped clients include:

  • Animal Care Manuals
  • Record Keeping Systems
  • Dive Operation Manuals
  • Animal Training Manuals
  • Life Support Operation Manual
  • Business Operation Protocols
  • Emergency Protocols
  • Preventative Maintenance Protocols
  • Safety and Security Protocols

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