Educational Programming

Zoos, aquariums, oceanariums and interactive animal exhibits are fundamentally different than thrill parks and other theme-based entertainment in that guests form emotional attachments to the animals and often feel compelled to help, both the animals and the frequently fragile environments they call home.

This empathetic bond, like any relationship, is fed, not just through contact, but through education and understanding. Education informs the interaction, giving it purpose. It adds value to the experience, lifting it above the adrenal sugar-high of a thrill ride, to a higher realm of significance.

In such an emotionally charged environment authenticity is key. These aren’t fictional characters with fictional backstories; they’re living, breathing animals, with real histories and habits.

Murru & Associates will guide you through the production of shows, animal presentations, graphics, multimedia, educational materials and activities, and social media, to create consistent and accurate resources and conservation messages that entertain as well as inform.

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