About Murru & Associates

Frank Murru

As a member of SeaWorld’s senior management team, Frank Murru served as General Manager of Discovery Cove Orlando and pioneered in the field of high-end resort-style interactive marine parks.

He has consulted with some of the most successful aquariums, marine mammal facilities, oceanariums and water parks throughout the world, most recently as chief marine officer at Kerzner International, overseeing development of interactive marine parks at Atlantis, Paradise Island, in the Bahamas, and Atlantis, The Palm, in Dubai.

An international company well-versed in both the biology and business of live animal attractions we assist clients in everything from habitat design and animal acquisition, to pharmacology, staff recruitment, training, regulatory compliance, and marketing.

Murru & Associates combines the best business and marketing practices, education, research and science accumulated over more than three decades, with a network of scientists, educators, and animal care experts unmatched in the industry.

When it comes to marine parks and animal attractions, what you don’t know CAN hurt you – more important: it can hurt the animals. At Murru & Associates we believe that healthy animals and a healthy bottom line are inseparable.

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Teri Corbett

As a dedicated member for several large corporations Teri Corbett brings to Murru & Associates over 27 years of experience serving as Vice President of Operations for Atlantis, Paradise Island Bahamas and as Director and Curator of Discovery Cove, Sea World, Orlando Florida. Teri was instrumental in both the design and development phases of these world class facilities including the operational design of each business. She has over 15 years of senior level management experience.

Teri began her career as an animal trainer for Sea World Parks Group caring for many different species of cetaceans including bottlenose dolphins, pacific white sided dolphins, beluga whales, pseudorca whales and killer whales. Teri performed in shows with killer whales from 1989 to 2000 at both Sea World Orlando and Sea World San Antonio. With extensive experience in animal care, animal training and behavior modification she helped create the Bahamas Marine Mammal Stranding Network and has successfully rehabilitated dolphins, birds and manatees and was in charge of the largest marine animal Veterinary Services in the Bahamas. In addition she was responsible for creating revenue generating programs that generated millions of dollars annually through providing safe guest and animal interactions. Teri also has extensive business experience with animal guest interactions, photography, marketing, reservation systems and general operations of theme parks, water parks, hotel management.

Teri joins Murru & Associates and brings a wealth of knowledge to an already well-know International consulting company. Bringing together animals and people through education, research, interaction and display and helping businesses generate revenue to enhance animals lives and guest experiences.

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