Human Resources

When it comes to running a world-class aquarium, oceanarium, animal interaction, or marine exhibit, it really is a small world. There aren’t a lot of people out there well-versed in both the business and biology of live-animal attractions. We know who’s available and at what price.

We offer worldwide executive recruitment and staff sourcing, as well as assistance in developing compensation packages, and comprehensive staff training in all aspects of park management, from veterinary care, animal diets, habitat maintenance, and pharmacology, to reporting, compliance, guest relations, resort services, IT and marketing.

No other company can offer you the level of hands-on marine park management experience. We know what works – and what doesn’t – because we’ve been there, and done that. We’ve already been through the learning curve, so we can offer you the fruits of our field-level knowledge without you having to pay for costly trial and error – or worse: regulatory action.

Murru & Associates, helps you build the team you need to get up and running and profitable with utmost speed. No-one else can offer what we do, because no-one has our track record or quality, or our depth and breadth of experience.

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