Not-For-Profit Foundations, Conservation & Research

All that animals do for you, you should be prepared to repay in kind. The same affinity for animals that draws guests through your turnstiles, can be quickly turned against operators who fail to recognize that the obligation goes both ways. Regulators, too, cast a jaundiced eye on operators who fall short in this regard.

One of the best ways to show your good faith is to form and fund a non-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation of the animals and habitats you showcase. Animal rescue, repopulation, and research are costly but critical ventures that benefit from an educated and engaged population.

More than a charity, a not-for-profit foundation strengthens ties with guests and supporters by providing them with an easy and direct way to get involved in the conservation and research efforts supported by your institution and highlighted in your educational programs.

Murru & Associates will assist in the development of Foundation by-laws, Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board, and Animal Use Committee, and assist in the development of a conservation plan and research policy.

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