Animal Training, Husbandry and Veterinary Services

Dolphin Blood Draw

Permitting, acquisition, care, training, and disposition of animals for aquariums, oceanariums, marine parks, and animal interaction attractions is a highly specialized and constantly evolving field requiring years of training and hands-on experience.

Given the limited opportunities to acquire this knowledge and experience, Murru & Associates is uniquely qualified to help clients achieve their goals and protect their investment through well-documented and regulatory-compliant animal husbandry, veterinary care and research programs.

Policies and Procedures

We literally wrote the book on animal asset management – acquisition/disposition, food handling procedures, quarantine, laboratory procedures, preventive medicine and pharmaceuticals, emergency procedures for people and animals, dive manuals, record-keeping systems and compliance manuals.

Species lists, Animal Acquisition & Transport

One of the first steps in planning a live-animal attraction is developing a detailed list of animals incorporating species biology and life-history, compatibility, availability and permitting requirements.

Murru & Associates assists with the acquisition and transport of all species including freshwater and marine fish including sharks and other large species; invertebrates; marine mammals including dolphins, seals, sea lions, and walrus; polar bears; penguins; and reptiles.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating government regulations takes time, patience and a solid understanding of international laws, protocols and treaties.

Murru & Associates helped write many of today’s regulations and has moved numerous facilities through the process.

Controlling trainer/public/animal interactions with a positive, informed approach will keep the animals and environment positive, enriching and safe.

Murru & Associates’ proven science-based training protocols can assist in show or educational presentation training, animal interactions with the public, medical and husbandry procedure training, aggression avoidance and problems, and creation of animal enrichment programs.Animal Training:

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