Business Development

Healthy animals depend on a healthy bottom line. Why take a chance?  Murru & Associates has already done the hard work. Our financial models have proven successful for aquatic parks, marine exhibits, and aquarium operations around the world. We know how you should spend your money, and how you shouldn’t, and we can teach you how to tell the difference. Finding the right mix of ticket revenue, merchandise, food, beverage and keepsake photos is critical. And we can walk you through the process deciding whether to handle concessions in-house or contract them out.

Group sales, discounting, and resellers – we understand the delicate dance of yield management and can share our tips and tricks on how to keep the turnstiles spinning without sacrificing profits.

Whether your mission is for profit or philanthropic, we can help you achieve your business objectives. No-one blends business and biology better than Murru & Associates.

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