Not-For-Profit Foundations, Conservation & Research

Not-For-Profit Foundations, Conservation & Research All that animals do for you, you should be prepared to repay in kind. The same affinity for animals that draws guests through your turnstiles, can be quickly turned against operators who fail to recognize that the obligation goes both ways. Regulators, too, cast a jaundiced eye on operators who […]

Educational Programming

Educational Programming Zoos, aquariums, oceanariums and interactive animal exhibits are fundamentally different than thrill parks and other theme-based entertainment in that guests form emotional attachments to the animals and often feel compelled to help, both the animals and the frequently fragile environments they call home. This empathetic bond, like any relationship, is fed, not just […]

Human Resources

Human Resources When it comes to running a world-class aquarium, oceanarium, animal interaction, or marine exhibit, it really is a small world. There aren’t a lot of people out there well-versed in both the business and biology of live-animal attractions. We know who’s available and at what price. We offer worldwide executive recruitment and staff […]

Operations & Facility Management

Operations & Facility Management Doing things right the first time is all well and good, but what about the second time, and the time after that? And what happens if the only person who knew how to do something right, leaves the organization? How do you check someone into your resort? How do you handle […]

Business Development

Business Development Healthy animals depend on a healthy bottom line. Why take a chance?  Murru & Associates has already done the hard work. Our financial models have proven successful for aquatic parks, marine exhibits, and aquarium operations around the world. We know how you should spend your money, and how you shouldn’t, and we can […]

Animal Training, Husbandry and Veterinary Services

Animal Training, Husbandry and Veterinary Services Dolphin Blood Draw Permitting, acquisition, care, training, and disposition of animals for aquariums, oceanariums, marine parks, and animal interaction attractions is a highly specialized and constantly evolving field requiring years of training and hands-on experience. Given the limited opportunities to acquire this knowledge and experience, Murru & Associates is […]

Life-Support System Design & Troubleshooting

Life-Support System Design & Troubleshooting Life support systems are as varied as the species they sustain. The science of animal care, biology and knowledge of animal life histories is constantly evolving. Under-design, and you put your animals at risk. Over-design and you hurt your bottom line. Murru & Associates not only designs life support systems, […]

Theme-Park-Aquarium-Oceanarium-Resort- Design

Theme Park | Aquarium | Oceanarium | Resort Design As head of animal operations at SeaWorld Orlando, Frank Murru oversaw operation, design and construction and served as general manager of Discovery Cove, the world’s first luxury interactive marine park featuring dolphin swims and other animal interactions in a tropical resort environment. Discovery Cove was a […]